Opioid Addiction

CannQuit-O: Opioid Addiction


CanQuit-O is a patented chewing gum that combines cannabinoids with opioid agonists and/or antagonists.
  • A prescription product to combat opioid addiction.
  • The act of mastication (chewing) aids neuroprotection, has an analgesic and anti-anxiety effect, which should also assist to suppress opioid cravings.

Program overview

CannQuit-O combines CBD and an expired patent prescription opioid antagonist, and/or partial agonist-antagonist within the formulation.
CannQuit products are designed to improve established therapies for the treatment of addiction. They do this by adding CBD, and the act of chewing, which is known to reduce cravings and anxiety which is critical for breaking the addiction cycle.
Medicated chewing gums deliver their active ingredients directly into the circulation of the oral mucosa, ensuring that the effects of the ingredients are delivered rapidly, but also in a sustained manner to reduce cravings for longer than other delivery methods.
Rapid onset and sustained effect are both qualities desirable for the treatment of addiction disorders. Furthermore, the act of chewing, known as mastication, also has a multi-action, anti-anxiety effect that has been demonstrated in other scientific assessments.

Addressable Market

The annual market size in the United States alone is expected to reach US$ 64B by 2028.

* Frost & Sullivan Market Report as commissioned by APIRx; and other publicly available information


Incannex has engaged multinational contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Eurofins Scientific (Eurofins) to manufacture its medicated chewable products designed to treat addiction disorders.
The cGMP grade products manufactured by Eurofins will be used in clinical trials designed to assess the safety and efficacy of CannQuit products.
Data collected on the quality and stability of the CannQuit anti-addiction products during the development and manufacturing of the two drug candidates at Eurofins will be key components of future regulatory packages. These data packages include investigational new drug (IND) applications and new drug application (NDA) filings with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
US Opioid Epidemic The opioid epidemic has reached critical levels in the United States and the industrialized world. Fatal opioid overdoses and opioid use disorder cost the United States $1.02 trillion in 2017, as measured by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, which is the most complete accounting of America’s opioid crisis to date. Treatments for opioid use disorder total US$64B per annum and there have been no major new treatment solutions in recent decades.